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A little bit about me.
I'm 45 years old, Married. Raising children I didn't give birth too. Taking care of my feisty 76 yr old mother who can no longer walk.

I enjoy reading, crafts, movies and creating masterpieces of edible wonder. I sing loudly and off key (and I don't care who hears me!)

About Diva Sweeps -

Here you will find Reviews on Books, Food, Household items, and more. I share my honest opinions about the things I use. Recipes I post are the food my family has ate during meal times or for snacks.

Sometimes Diva Sweeps hosts our own Giveaways.

Sometimes Diva Sweeps will post a Giveaway for free in exchange for a link on a giveaway form.

Since posting other bloggers giveaways are so time consuming, we are limiting how many freebies we post.

We are a small blog but growing!
If you would like to collaborate for a review of your items in exchange for a small fee.
Contact divasweeps@gmail.com

I can provide stats for brands that fit my family's needs.

Thanks for Reading!
Renea & Jay
Owners of Divasweeps.com

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