The Joy of ...

The Joy of ____ (fill in the blank).

We all have our obsessions. Some folks would say cooking, others would say sex and let's face it ... those books have been written. 

For me, it's The Joy of Sleep! Yet I am constantly chasing sleep, it eludes me night after night, no matter how exhausted I am.

I've taken pills such as melatonin & ambien. I've drank warm milk, counted sheep (as well as chickens, cows and imaginary aliens). I've taken hot baths with lavender oils. Drank Nyquil and Nyquil Sleep! Etc! There's very little I haven't tried and still no luck!!

I noticed the bags under my eyes, today. Geez! Went out and bought one of those eye masks you stick in the fridge or freezer to get cold, then wear on your face for a few minutes at a time. That thing really helped diminish the puffiness! I was quite pleased with the results.

My quest for sleep still evades me. I get a 3 hour nap at night and another 3 hour nap during the day. I'm constantly tired.

My doctor would like for me to try various medications but I'm wary of trying those that have such dire warning labels like "in 2% of people who have taken xyz, this medication may cause heart failure or even a third eye to grow out of your forehead. This occurs in extreme rare cases."

Trust me when I say, I will be that 2% (that's how my luck goes). I would look horrible with a third eye!!! Not to mention that I Don't Want To Die!! Just because I was desperate for some sleep!! So old Doc can just shove it. When he prescribed me the Ambien, I was sleep walking and doing things to where I would wake up groggy and still be exhausted. Things like sweeping the driveway at 3am and rearranging my pantry to the point that I still don't know where the dang cans of soups are!!

The joy of sleep, oh how I miss thee!

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