Update - May 11th 2017

We are finally back online!

April showers blew our satellite right off the roof, it hindered my ability to grab a consistent internet connection. Our ex ISP kept giving us excuses instead of fixing the problem. After weeks of calling, we finally decided to terminate our service with them and went to AT&T.

There was some initial aggravation getting a working modem, but after a piddly 4 days, an awesome technician got us back online.


I am behind on everything.
My priorities are simple, Accomplish as much as humanly possible within an 8 hour period, and worry about nothing.

So far it's working.

And if you believe that lie, I have a space shuttle for sale. Been online since 8am yesterday and about to pass out from exhaustion.

Posts have been scheduled.
Catch ya on the flip side.

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