Getting Back To The Groove Of Things

My pre-spring cleaning break, is over!


I got stuff done, did my garden layout. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. Worked off and on with Ashlyn at her catering company, gosh I love working with her! She is the  bomb at developing recipes that people enjoy. I came up with a few appetizers that were a huge hit at one party. I'll share a few recipes later.

Went through a ton of the kids clothes. Took out the clothing that had holes, stains and looked thread bare. Those will be turned into cleaning rags or set aside for sewing & craft projects. Buttons go into the button jars, zippers into the zipper pouch,  etc.

My kidney is starting to act up again, so I decided that its time to take it easy for a bit. Besides, I've missed my bloggy! ♡♡♡♡♡

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