ARC Review - Gardenia by Kelsey Sutton

Title - Gardenia 

Author - Kelsey Sutton

Genre - Teen/Young Adult (YA)

Publisher  - Diversion Books

Release Date  - February 28, 2017

☆~☆ My Review☆~☆

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step in somones shoes and live their life? This book gives you that chance! 

Step into Ivy's world. 

Ivy sees the world different than most people do. Ivy sees a time clock over every persons head that she meets. This time clock is counting down to the moment when that person ceases to exist. Ivy can even see her own time clock and she knows she's going to die soon. But how?! Ivy is only 17!

This was hard to put down. Ivy is clearly the underdog in this story with a big heart. Not only can she see how long a person will live, she can also see her own timer. Times almost up! Who will be Ivy's killer? Is it the same person who killed her best friend? An ending you won't see coming.

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