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Getting Back To The Groove Of Things

My pre-spring cleaning break, is over!



Early Spring Cleaning

The flowers are in bloom, the pollen is swirling in the air. My allergies are screaming and my physician doesn’t have my allergy shots in his office ... yet. Let's not forget that technically it's still Winter!
My annual "Spring Cleaning" event has started a month early.
Usually during this time of year, I am all amped up to get my garden arranged and in order. I study last years layout drawing and decide what is going to be planted where. Start my seedling plants, get all of my containers washed out and ready. Not only do we plant rows of fruits and veggies but we have container gardens in various sunny spots around the front yard too.
I'm still doing this, planning my garden and harvesting the last of my winter yield.
I'm also in full on Spring Cleaning mode.
Only difference between this year and last year, is having to clean out my mothers house and get it ready to be put on the market. It's bitter sweet having to sell the house where you grew up.
After my last hospital stay (7 days and 1 surgery), I've finally had to face facts. The house needs to go. It's a headache I can't take anymore. I was hoping to hang on to it for my moms sake but I have a feeling she will out live me. Paying taxes on a house we can't live in (its not big enough, plus our house is paid off and we like it) or rent out (because Mumsey said no) makes zero sense.
Now I have to clean out her house and get repairs made to it, so it will sell quickly. Yay Fun <insert sarcasm> !!!
Has my lack of presence been noticed on my blog?
The magic 8 ball says "YES".
Unfortunately, I will be MIA a lot in the following weeks.
I hope to still do the hops on my blog and the sweeps on my fb page, I need more viewers and likes before I can get any sponsors to host my own stuff.
I am not going to be able to help other bloggers who are giving away prizes from sponsors. It's my biggest regret right now, so many of those bloggers have given me advice and answered any questions I had. My offline life just got swamped with demands I can no longer ignore. The stress is literally killing me.
Plus I need to remember to buy a laptop!!!
Doing 100% of my online work, by tablet, SUCKS!!!!!
Hahaha. No, it really does suck.


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