I had to take a few days off for family

Like the title says, I had to take a few days off for my family.
I already had some posts scheduled and many have seen me on instagram sharing a meme or two. Tragedy struck our family on November 30th, when my 14 yr old nephew, Austin, lost his battle with cancer. 

It crushed us.

My brother in law and his wife are two of the closest family members we have. Austin is the baby in their family of four and had only been diagnosed with glioblastoma in June. Glioblastoma is a tumor in the brain, and it's commonly found in adults, not 14 year old boys. So the doctors started him on a combo of radiation and chemo fairly soon.

Austin was placed on many prayer lists and always kept his head up, even when he was weak from treatment. His spirit never failed to shine.

On November 29th, according to Austin's mom, Austin went to bed around 11pm ... at 2am she went to check on him and he was snoring lightly. Between 2am and 5am, Austin left this world and went home to be with our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Austin simply died in his sleep.

When we got the news, it was a hard blow. Not just to me or my husband, but to our kids!! Oh the grief over losing a cousin is the most raw emotion of sadness I have ever witnessed in my life. Needless to say, lots of tears were shed, lots of "why's" were asked and lots of hugs were given.

So, if I have forgotten something  (and I know I have, namely 2 blog hops) just know it was not intentional.  I could not think about blogging or anything related to it until I had grieved with my family.

We are selfish in that way, of knowing a loved one is suffering yet wanting them here on earth with us. Not with God, who banishes all suffering and offers eternal life. We are sinners and we are selfish.


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