Dear Deadbeat Mom -

I received your message on FB this afternoon, right before you blocked me.

I just want to let you know how your children are doing and tell you that I will not be passing on your hateful message to my husband. You have his cell number, do your own dirty work.

Max is performing in a school play. He's super excited about his part as a tree, he has no lines to memorize but he does have to stretch his arms (limbs) and sway gracefully. He wants to sway like he's in a hurricane, so we're working on it.

Asher is still the smartest kid in his class, he stresses over getting a B+ and he has to have total quiet when he's studying for a test. We bought him some ear plugs but will be giving him some noise canceling headphones for his birthday. He is the most kind hearted boy. He talks to me about how much he misses you.

West has a wild streak in him, no fear of anything and smart as a whip! He's got the best smile, it reaches his eyes. He's also got the stinkiest feet in the whole world! I make him leave his shoes in the garage or the back deck. Our dogs, who normally love to maul shoes, stay far away from his! We have to buy him new shoes every 2 months . its pretty bad when the school's gym teacher calls to complain. Yet, it does not stop the girls from calling. West is a Casanova.

Dallas has a GIRLFRIEND! He went from being a smart aleck, surly boy - to a young man overnight. He's still playing baseball and we are looking forward to the next season beginning. Dallas keeps his grades at a B average.  He has an after school job. Dallas got saved last May. He's really active at church (they all are). He doesn't mention you much anymore but I know he would love to see you.

Shayla has a BABY! It's a girl, her name is Stella and she's  the most beautiful baby girl ever. So, we are Grandma's now. Shayla works a 9-5 job and goes to night school, she's going to be a RN. Shayla's soon to be inlaws, babysit Stella during the day, I go and pick her up around 6pm. When Shay gets home, she's exhausted  so I  get up with Stella during the night.

Are you wondering why I would put this on here? Do you feel like I'm tormenting you? Well let me explain.

You are missing out on the best years of your kids lives. You never call, you act as though they don't exist and they don't understand. They never knew that the presents they got from "you" for their birthdays and Christmas,  were things that I bought for them ... until Dallas and his Dad got into a huge argument last year. J spilled the beans. Dallas thought we were preventing you from seeing him. It was a hard lesson to learn when he realized we have no idea where you are. You, deadbeat mom, you pop up when its convenient for you.  You beg J to send you money, not one time have you even sent a card to your kids for their birthday or Christmas to let them know you still love them, you never call your kids, you have never been asked to pay child support!

When you're ready to get off drugs and realize that they're 5 people in this crazy world who still love you ... Call me. I'll get you the help you need.

They are the most wonderful people and I am so honored to be their step mom. I cannot imagine a life without them in it.

Five years is long enough, don't you think?

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