Are You Looking For A Way To Make Some Extra Cash?

If you are looking for ways to make some extra cash, then you are not alone. I am always on the search! Whether it's online or offline, I am open to trying just about anything!

My most favorite find online, has been a marketplace where you can share products with your social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest too!) and make a small commission from sales.

(That's a referral link)

Here's a sample of some items I am promoting in my store!

We all know how hard it is to shop for the men in our lives. If your man is a fisherman, he may like this!

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These are $10.54
My commission is $1.75
My kids get a lot of clothes for Christmas, I really like these!

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These Girl Leggings are $14.99
My commission is $2.40

This is for me!
Describes me completely.

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The Sweatshirt is $30.00
My commission is $3.00

So there you have it folks!

It's easy to sign up and a store is automatically created for you. Pick the items you want to add to your own store front, then share to all your social media accounts.

Easy, peasy, Spreesy!
(I would really appreciate you signing up through my referral link, every bit helps with providing my readers awesome giveaways!)


  1. For me I do see a lot of sales online but honestly I try not to buy as much because of using my card .

  2. I use PayPal whenever possible, Ann. Or a prepaid debit, I never use my bank card online


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