Ugh, It's Monday.

Another Monday is almost over, Thank God!
Needless to say, my day has not been great. First thing this morning, my alarm clock did not go off, kids went to school after having a granola bar for breakfast.
I went to feed the dogs but couldn't find their food, so they had dry cat food poured in their bowls, which they just stared at. Probably because we usually put them in their crates when they steal the cats food.

I went to take my morning shower and just as I was about to disrobe, the phone rings. My 76 yr old mother can't find her medicine and she's whispering "There's hobos in my basement, if you come now you can catch them!" Telling her to call 911 is redundant. We both know she's lying, but the medicine thing is real. No shower for me.
I get to my moms house in 20 minutes. I had planned to spot clean her carpet anyway, messy job. I found moms medicine under her couch, where she hid it.
Made her the breakfast of her choice - scrambled eggs, butter toast with strawberry jam and a cuppa joe. Mother was happy.

Getting the carpet cleaner ready, I discovered I am low on solvent. Decided to use some dawn dish detergent instead. Big Mistake! It made the suds fly everywhere! Everything went fine at first, but the suds kept getting bigger. In my attempt to turn off the machine, I hit the wrong setting and it went into high gear. I got splattered, my mom got covered, and her couch got wet too.

What should have taken 15 minuted at the most, created 4 hours of extra work for me. Great. Just Freaking Great.

So that was my lovely Monday, How was yours?

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  1. Oh man,that is the Monday from hell! I have to admit I was cracking up though thinking about your poor confused doggies.I sure hope the rest of your week has gone better!


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