Dear Angry Dad in the Carpool Line

I've seen you lose your mind, while sitting in the long carpool line. You are quite the entertaining little man. I especially enjoyed your screams of "How MUCH LONGER IS THIS CRAP GOING TO TAKE?" But NOTHING can beat your performance of "I'M TOO BUSY FOR THIS HOLY HELL! HURRY THE EFF UP YOU COMPLETE MORONS!" All said while you were beating on your stearing wheel and screaming out your window.

Angry Dad, Did you fail to notice that we were no where near the school itself? Or that we were sitting on the shoulder of a very busy highway, waiting for the buses to leave the school? The only people who heard your shrieks were myself (behind you) and a very scared older lady (in front of you). 

I get it, Angry Dad, waiting in such a long line is aggravating. What in the world were we thinking when we chose to move within one mile of this school, thus excluding our children from riding the yellow limousine. I get angry too, thinking about the thousand other things I need to be doing versus waiting in this carpool line for 30 - 45 minutes. What will we do to entertain ourselves while waiting?! Oh! The horror of shear boredom! 

Yesterday, I waited at the 7-11 parking lot to try and spot my entertainment for the carpool line, instead of being car number 11 or 12. I saw your bright blue ford f150 with its plume of smoke, racing down the highway at a steady clip. I timed it just right, pulled out into traffic at a speed only seen by most nascar drivers. I floored my accelerator, passed a young mom with 3 car seats and proceeded to cut her off while trying to tamp down the lion in my hemi that wanted to ROAR. 

Why? Just so I could get behind you.
But that was yesterday.
Today, I'm bringing popcorn!
Go crazy, ANGRY DAD!!!
Your audience has arrived.

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  1. Well sometimes we all spout off some not so nice words. Drivers seem to have no patience anymore. Sometime I yell even tho Im in the passenger side of the car


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