Getting this blog up to speed

I know it looks like I haven't been on or doing anything, but that's not entirely true.
I noticed a few days ago that the "next page" link was missing.

I had to find it!!

Now I know why people give up easily on blogger and just buy their own domains and do wordpress blogs. lol. I've been busy reading hundreds of articles and have had to refresh my .css mind (if you don't use it in 4 years, you lose it, kinda deal).

Posting a lot of anything is not a good idea, IF you don't have a "next page" link on your main page. So I'm hoping to have everything kosher by Sunday night, after all... this is not my only blog. I have a local blog for a local yahoo group I'm in and that blog needs a "next page" link as well. I'm killing two birds with one stone.

However, I will be posting a few contests during all this. I know a few people have asked me why I suddenly stopped posting. After explaining about the missing link four times, I decided to blog about my little trials and tribulations with the set up on blogger. It's not fun or cool. Blogger would be so much better if they provided this service, but no use in whining about it. :-)

UPDATE - 7:15pm EST

I FINALLY fixed my problem!!!!!!!!!
I'd like to take this opportunity to Thank Jesus, who answered my prayers after listening to me pray, whine and gripe. This blog is a labor of love, no doubt.

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  1. I am glad that you got the problem fixed. I rant, rave and complain when I have a problem on my computer too.


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